New Karlen Motorsports Chassis for the FLPT ’17 season made possible by Brechbuhler Scales / B-TEK Scales, LLC.

Karlen Motorsports, and members of the FLPT,  have been working like crazy building the brand new chassis for the team for the 2017 season. 

In the later months of 2016, Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. / B-TEK Scales, LLC. agreed to join forces with the FLPT again for the 2017 season. With that came their desire to purchase a new chassis for our team! Much appreciation to Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. / B-TEK Scales, LLC for all of their help and support! Be sure to check the out at for all of you scales scale and service needs!

Along with a new chassis, many new changes are happening with the turbo configuration, intake and exhaust manifolds, and turbo plumbing to increase air flow, both entering and exiting the motor. 

(Pictured above is the intake air collector from the top two turbos to the bottom turbo)

Riverside Engines, Inc. in Tiffin, Ohio, has made a intake manifold and a new cam shaft design for the Fully Loaded Team.

Kyle & Gary Karlen of Karlen Motorsports Chassis have been working very hard in developing and constructing the new chassis. Countless hours of making pieces and parts and fitting parts has lead the Team and Karlen Motorsports to finally getting the chassis complete!

Now that the chassis is complete and painted, it is now time to fit everything in the chassis and start the assembly process and finish the plumbing work and make the necessary changes to existing fuel and oil lines to get everything in working order! There is still a lot to do, but everything is coming along very nicely! We hope to be ready to do a test run or two at the NTPA Region Two pull in Sugar Creek, Ohio, Friday, May 26th!

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National Farm Machinery Show Photos

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Qualified for the Finals at the National Farm Machinery Show!

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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The 2017 Fully Loaded Apparel is here!

Here it is! The new design for the 2017 season for the B’laster / NAPA Auto Parts Fully Loaded! Designed especially for our team by Arizona Sport Shirts, t-shirts, both long sleeve and short sleeve along with hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) can be purchased by selecting the merchandise tab at the top of this page! While you are there, you can check out all of the FLPT merchandise from stickers, pens, can koozies and clearance items too! 

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​In August 2016, B’laster Products, located in Valley View, Ohio, made contact with us and expressed interest in a potential sponsorship for the Fully Loaded Team in order to expand their marketing area. Many meeting dates were scheduled and rescheduled do to various scheduling conflicts. It wasn’t until October, 2016 that we and representatives from B’laster Products were able to sit down and discuss various avenues of potential sponsorship and ideas that would benefit not only B’laster, but our team and the sport of truck and tractor pulling as well.

After further discussions with B’laster, it was realized that they wanted not only to be an additional sponsor but to be the primary sponsor of the Fully Loaded tractor. It was not as easy of a decision, as one would think, to make. We were known as the “NAPA/Carlyle Tools Fully Loaded” tractor in both the motorsports and business worlds for several years and had spent countless efforts in building that “brand”, our team name, and developing a recognizable name association for our great sponsors by using all the media avenues available. It was that recognition of the value of our social media advertising possibilities, the broad national reach of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour’s venues and our sincere enthusiasm to promote our sport that appeared to interest B’laster. 

Negotiations continued and a three year contract was drafted and approved. The Fully Loaded Tractor would now become known as the “B’laster / NAPA Auto Parts Fully Loaded” tractor.

We are very excited and proud to promote B’laster Products and to have them on board with our team, and we are truly blessed to have Brechbuhler Scales, Inc., NAPA Auto Parts, Carlyle Tools, B-Tek Scales, LLC, and Clevite bearings again for the 2017 season as well! Each of these companies have excellent products and services and we strongly urge everyone to check them out for themselves! 

Also new changes in 2017, Brechbuhler Scales / B-Tek Scales has agreed to purchase the team a new Karlen Motorsports Chassis which will be debuted for the start of the 2017 summer season. NAPA Auto Parts will continue to supply the team with a majority of our usable commodities, Lucas Oil Engine oil and stabilizer, belts, spark plugs, ignition components, oil dry pads, maintenance parts for the motor coach, among other items. Carlyle Tools is also staying on board with the team and will supply us with the latest and greatest tools to keep our trailer and shop filled with the best quality tools on the market to make our wrenching easier. And last, but not the least, Clevite Bearings (Mahle Motorsports) is returning for the 2107 season and will be supplying the team with the unbeatable Cleveite Bearings. 

With all of their support, support of our friends on the PPL Curcuit, friends and family at home and our awesome team we were able to win the the 2016 PPL Champions Tour Unlimited Super Stock National Championship. A “Win Win” for everyone involved!

The new 2017 design for the Fully Loaded tractor was developed by the B’laster Products’ advertising agency. The actual application of the design ideas was placed onto the tractor as a vinyl wrap and was produced and applied by the great folks at “Pro-Art Signs, LLC” located in Canton, Ohio.

We can’t express enough our deepest gratitude and appreciation for every one of these sponsors. These sponsors are enabling us to pursue our goals and dreams in not only promoting them, our tractor and team, but to also support and promote this great sport we love… Truck and Tractor Pulling!

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The Fully Loaded Team is proud to announce a new, additional, corporate sponsorship with B’laster Products!

After being sought out by B’laster representatives as a way to expand their desire to increase product visibility in yet another avenue, B’laster asked for a meeting with our team this past fall in October 2016.  Discussed were various avenues of a potential sponsorship between the Fully Loaded Team and B’laster Products.  After working out the details and coming up with a mutually successful agreement between the two of us, the contract was signed in the very early days of 2017!  We are excited to work with B’laster, to promote their awesome products, while allowing the sport of truck and tractor pulling to be promoted through yet another avenue to increase public notoriety of our great sport!

B’laster was started in 1957, born and bred in Cleveland, Ohio.  William Westley whom developed the original PB  Blaster product for a friend, who was having difficulty in providing maintenance to his mining equipment due to the built up of corrosion, phosphorus and moisture at his phosphorus mine. 

After being at the helm for nearly 20 years, Westley sold the business in 1980 to a Cleveland area investment banker, Bernie Porter, who saw the great potential in the success Westley had with the Chemical Company.   B’laster, who only had five products on the market, was then increased to add an additional seven different products to the market over the next two decades until his son, Tom Porter, took over the business in 1998.  Tom followed closely in his father’s foot steps while all the more increasing product distribution, increasing brand awareness, introducing new products, and working closely with management to bring in highly trained and skilled employees all the while making B’laster a “Nationally Recognized Brand.”

In  1997 B’laster moved their world Headquarters from their previous  location in Garfield Heights, Ohio, to a new state of the art facility in Valley View, Ohio where they are still located to this day.  At the Valley View, Ohio location, approximately 30-50,000 cans of various B’laster Products are produced daily!

In 2015, the “rebranding” of PB Blaster to “B’laster” occurred along with the addition of incorporating Teflon into some of the B’laster products.  A total of five products currently have Teflon associated with them to enhance performance, protect surfaces, and reduce friction and wear.

Blaster products can be found at many different National retail outlets, for example, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware and among many others and….. you guessed it, NAPA AUTO PARTS!!!

Please join us in welcoming aboard to the Fully Loaded Team… B’laster Products!  We are extremely happy to have them onboard and we look forward to what the next three years will bring for both us and B’laster Products! 

Stop by and check out B’laster Products web page at !

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Article in the hometown newspaper, The Free Press Standard

​Check out the awesome article written by Carol Mcintire about our teams accomplishments this past season. Visit for viewing of the complete article.

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2016 Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Awards Banquet, Indianapolis, Indiana

Another year down in the books for the conclusion of the 2016 Lucas Oil Champions Tour by crowning the Champions of all the classes at the annual awards banquet. The banquet was held as it is in years past, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis.

(Pictured from left to right, family, Sharon and Jon Hinton, Barbara Hothem, and Dan and Debbie Gann)

The banquet was as good as ever with Crash Gladys, one of our Lucas Oil Production Studio Commentators, as the “MC” for the banquet. 

The food was delicious as guests had the option of Steak, Chicken, or Fish. The meals were prepared well and were tasty.

In attendance along with our family members were representatives and friends from Carlyle Tools, NAPA Auto Parts, and Riverside Engines. Those from Carlyle Tools in attendance were Chris Casey (Nancy Casey) and Chip Otte (Becky Otte). Those in attendance from NAPA Auto Parts where Roy East, Scott Spears, and David Stanfield.  From Riverside Engines, Shawn Teill (Nicole Teill). And lastly, but certainly not the least, Phil and Tonia Baker, Austin Baker’s parents.  Thank you to all who took the time to come celebrate with us this very special evening with us!

Jeremy Nelson, NCP Customs, did an outstanding job on our championship helmet! Check out the awesome airbrushed artwork!

Special thanks again to our sponsors, Brechbuhler / B-TEK Scales, Carlyle Tools, Clevite Bearings, and NAPA Auto Parts along with all of those who made it possible to compete: Blackbourn Racing Components, Humpco Machine, Karlen Motorsports Cjassos, GMS, Nichols Tire Cutting, Riverside Engines Inc with out all these great people and parts we would not have been to obtain this great accomplishment!

Take a moment to enjoy the below photos from the banquet in Indy!

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Items for sale

​The Fully Loaded Unlimited Super Stock team has the following items for sale.

(1) 504 cu in Deere short block complete motor (used). Steel crank counterbalanced/counterweighted, aluminum rods and aluminum pistons. A couple of spare rods and pistons as well. $10k US dollars. Does not include shipping

(1) Billet aluminum head Deere (used). Complete head, valves,  springs, drilled for spark plugs and set up currently for overhead cam application. $6K US Dollars, does not include shipping

Email the Fully Loaded Team for more information. Please, serious inquiries only.

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Fully Loaded Takes the National Points Championship Title for the ’16 Season!!!

We did it! We won the Lucas Oil Champions Tour 2016 Championship Title! 

We went into the last pull at Wheatland, Missouri with a four point lead. The track was really loose and soft. As we started down the track we started to get pulled to the far left side of the track. As the brakes were used to correct the less than desirable path, we were able to straighten out our run. As we continued down the track, we again got pulled to the left nearly running out of bounds at near the end of the track! The brakes were used again as we spun out. This caused the left tire to dig in the soft dirt. The tire dug so far down in the soft dirt that it set the tractor on the wheelie bar on the left side which caused excessive engine rpm being there was no load on the motor. This cause some significant engine damage, as you can see from the picture below. We were extremely lucky not to have kicked the rods out of the block!

 However, we able to take the lead at the pull! We also we able to drive past the Taking Care of Business John Deere driven by Aaron Hull, who was holding the second place points position. We finished up the season 12pts ahead to take the Championship Title! Congratulations to Ron Barga on Dad’s Toy for taking the win at Wheatland Missouri. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, friends, fellow competitors, Riverside Engines, Karlen Motorsports Chassis, Humpco Machine, Blackbourn Racing Components, and also my awesome crew for their help, encouragement, and assistance in enabling us to win the National Points Title on the Lucas Oil Champions Tour!

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