Fully Loaded wins Saturday Night event at Lucas Oil PPL Saluda, South Carolina!

After having a terrible pass Friday night at the 2 day Saluda SC Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Event 5/27-28/2016, the Fully Loaded Team scores a win during Saturday nights session!
Friday night, the tractor was wound up and running great when it started to drift hard to the left causing the right brake to be used. During that time, the idler pulley for the cam belt tension broke. This brought everything to a sudden stop. As the brake was still being depressed and the motor stopping, this caused a right turn for the Fully Loaded in the middle of the track. Once back in the pit area, the broken tensioner was fixed, and it was then discovered that the oil pump shaft had broken as well. That too was replaced, and we were ready to rock the red dirt for Saturday nights show!


Saturday was a great run for Fully Loaded. We ended up first place! Much better than the previous pass. We had a lot of oil push out the valve cover and had some oil pressure issues toward the end of the run, and shut down the motor as we were nearing the spin out point.
Be sure to check out the on board video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or YouTube. The sideline view video should be posted later this week!
We look forward to our next pull which is June 11th, in Wilmington, Ohio!

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