Waynesburg PA, second to last Lucas Oil Champions Tour 2016 Event.

We were able to get everything back together from our breakage at our prior state level hometown pull with the help of many, which we truly appreciate! The clutch is brand new, however due to time constraints, we have not received our new clutch can and are borrowing a fellow puller’s clutch can. This can is easily adaptable, however is designed to fit 12″ 4 disc system when we typically run a 11″ 5 disc system. It would take a lot of modification to make our system into a 12″ disc system and has been determined that for the remaining two pulls, and for the amount of time we had available to be ready for Waynesburg PA, that the 4 disc 11″ clutch system would work…and it did!

With threatening weather moving in, pull time was at 7pm at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Waynesburg PA was underway a few minutes early. We were the first class, grandstand side of the two track event. We initially were sixth hook. 

Now, if you have been following along during the season, we have been battling it out with Taking Care of Business driven by Aaron Hull this year. Entering Waynesburg PA, we currently are in the lead with 1st place by 6 points… Which isn’t any too much. 

TCOB was the test hook and the decision was made after his initial pass to change the sled. TCOB dropped to last as his official run. 

The track as usual there was a tricky one to read. The left side appeared to be a little more favorable than the right, however we also ran out of bounds last year on the left side at Waynesburg. Silver Bullet was up ahead of us and he started the sled on the right side of the track. He got pulled to the left and had to correct his path and it was then decided by the driver of the Fully Loaded to start the sled on the left side of the track, angled to the right. This proved to not be the best decision. The motor ran very strong but we had to use the brakes twice fairly hard to keep the tractor from going out of bounds on the left hand sideline. This cost the team a lot of distance. We still went 325 feet or so and were feeling somewhat confident with that. all in all it wasnt too bad of a run. 

However, as time continued to go on the track seemed to improve tremendously for the remaining tractors in the class, as they continued to get greater distances than what we had obtained. 

TCOB finished fifth in the competition obtaining two points on us as we were sixth. We still have a four point lead on the end of season championship. So it will definitely be a battle to the end in the Unlimited Super Stock Class at our next event in Wheatland Missouri!

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