Great finish to a great pull in Henry, Illinois!

The team travelled to Henry, Illinois for the 19th Annual America’s Pull at the marshal-Putnam Fair. Great and comfortable weather for the one day event. 

Fans signed up for a chance to be drawn as the winner of a Carlyle Tools Screw Driver set and complimentary can of B’laster while visiting with the team in the pit area before the pull.  Congratulations to Bruce Mekley for being drawn as the winner of the screw driver set and B’laster! 

Prior to the pull we had the privilege to be interviewed by one of the three talented announcers of the America’s Pull, Miles Kreiger. Miles, who has the website,, when able, likes to do what he calls the “road show interviews” with different pullers at the different events that he announces. It is a very neat way for the audience to get a “personal” “behind the scenes” kind of feeling by listening to the questions Miles asks and the responses the interviewed puller gives as to their perspective on the topic at hand.  We had a great time interviewing with Miles and I’m pretty sure the crowd enjoyed it as well! Thanks Miles for the opportunity and keep up what you are doing to grow the sport of pulling!

With the final track preparations underway, we were finally ready for pull time! Our class, the Unlimited Alcohol Super Stock Tractors, would be pulling on the infield side of the two track facility and would follow the Limited Pro Stock Tractors. A total of 140 vehicles would compete at this event!

We made some adjustments to the motor this past week with hopes of the changes to increase the performance of the Fully Loaded tractor. And it worked! The team was able to come home with a 3rd place podium finish, following closely behind the two Chizek V8 tractors of Terry and Josh Blackbourn. (See below for distances) Congratulations Terry and Josh on number one and two finishes!

America’s Pull

Henry, IL

MAVTV Unlimited Super Stocks – Unofficial Results

1 – Extremely Armed & Dangerous – 310.78
2 – Armed & Dangerous International Threat – 308.36

3 – Blaster/Napa Auto Parts Fully Loaded – 300.91

4 – Lessons Learned – 297.35

5 – Runnin Bare – 296.1

6 – MMG 1000 – 281.18

7 – The Squealer  – 280.27

8 – Out of Time – 278.97

9 – Dominator Deere – 278.89

10 – Dad’s Toy – 272.5

11 – Home Brew – 254.27

12 – Full Tilt – 105.78

The team now is on its way back to the Buckeye State. We need to check some things out on the motor to make sure all is ready for our next event which will be at the Elkhart County, Goshen Indiana Lucas Oil Champions Tour Event!

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