AWESOME Christmas gift from the Baker Family!

What a shock when we arrived at the Crew chief’s, Austin Baker, Family’s house for our usual weekend get together, and to our surprise they had this awesome wood carving as a present for us!

Hand crafted from an original pine log, Doug Ash of Carrollton, Ohio spent countless hours on carving these two tractors! The pictures do not do it justice for the amount of attention to detail he has put into the intricacies of each of the two tractors. There is even tire wrinkle in the “rubber” of the tire and the driver has fingers! The attention to detail is phenomenal! Great job Doug Ash!

Check out the attention to detail in the pics below!

The two tractors represent our Team’s history from conception in 2001 with the diesel powered Loaded Gun, to the present day alcohol powered Fully Loaded. A 17 year history in the making for the Fully Loaded Team and we aren’t done yet!

Special thanks to the Baker Family, Phil, Tonia, Austin, and Cody for the AWESOME gift! It is truly appreciated!

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