Dyno Success at BRC!

After having issues all summer long the team went out to Wisconsin and tried to figure out what was going on with the tractor with the help of Blackbourn Racing Components. With the help of Terry and Josh Blackbourn we did find several issues that, when all put together, would lead to “troubles” when it came to propper engine tuning. So as we continued to find problems and continued to test the motor we then had some major issues that occurred… Number six rod decided to show itself!

See the video below!

So after many hours, Terry, Josh, and Brandon Block, a very talented and knowledgeable employee at BRC, spent countless hours building our team a complete short block along with head repair and some changes to the drive train.

Approximately 3 months later, the team traveled back out to Wisconsin to try and get the Fully Loaded Machine in tip top shape for the National Farm Machinery Show that was now only less than one week away!

After doing some finishing touches, to complete the assembly of the tractor, the Fully Loaded Machine was hooked up to the dyno at BRC! After the three month earlier prior expirience of the devasting blow up, the team was worried about the current dyno experience… but at the same time, the Team had confidence in Terry, Josh, and Brandon that all of their efforts would allow for successful tuning of the new motor! And sure enough it did!

It ran very smoothly and had some great numbers on the horsepower and torque! Super excited, the team then loaded up from BRC and headed straight to Louisville Kentucky for the National Farm Machinery Show Championship Pull that starts in 3 days with fingers crossed!

So much appreciation and gratitude to the team at Blackbourn Racing Components. Also we need to thank Karlen Motorsports, Hoppel Fabrication, and Riverside Engines for all of their help as well.

We are looking forward to putting on a great show at the 51st National Farm Machinery Show Championship Tractor Pull, Feb 13-16, 2019 in Louisville Kentucky!

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