On Board View of the Winning Pass in Bucyrus, Ohio!!

Check out the awesome on board view of the winning pass in Bucyrus, Ohio! 33mph top speed ended the team up with a first place finish.  The team competes normally on the Lucas Oil Champions Tour National Circuit with a 20″ drawbar height. When we come to the OSTPA, because of our cubic inch and over head cam, we are required to run a 2″ lower drawbar than the other competitors.  This may not seem like a big differnce but it is HUGE!  On similar tracks, if we were to run an 18″ drawbar, instead of a 20″ drawbar, an immediate 400 lbs of weight would be moved from the front of the tractor to the rear most point of the tractor! That’s how much 2″ s of drawbar makes!!

Check out the video below!!!

Results of the Super Stock Class from Bucyrus:

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