The Fully Loaded Team is proud to announce a new, additional, corporate sponsorship with B’laster Products!

After being sought out by B’laster representatives as a way to expand their desire to increase product visibility in yet another avenue, B’laster asked for a meeting with our team this past fall in October 2016.  Discussed were various avenues of a potential sponsorship between the Fully Loaded Team and B’laster Products.  After working out the details and coming up with a mutually successful agreement between the two of us, the contract was signed in the very early days of 2017!  We are excited to work with B’laster, to promote their awesome products, while allowing the sport of truck and tractor pulling to be promoted through yet another avenue to increase public notoriety of our great sport!

B’laster was started in 1957, born and bred in Cleveland, Ohio.  William Westley whom developed the original PB  Blaster product for a friend, who was having difficulty in providing maintenance to his mining equipment due to the built up of corrosion, phosphorus and moisture at his phosphorus mine. 

After being at the helm for nearly 20 years, Westley sold the business in 1980 to a Cleveland area investment banker, Bernie Porter, who saw the great potential in the success Westley had with the Chemical Company.   B’laster, who only had five products on the market, was then increased to add an additional seven different products to the market over the next two decades until his son, Tom Porter, took over the business in 1998.  Tom followed closely in his father’s foot steps while all the more increasing product distribution, increasing brand awareness, introducing new products, and working closely with management to bring in highly trained and skilled employees all the while making B’laster a “Nationally Recognized Brand.”

In  1997 B’laster moved their world Headquarters from their previous  location in Garfield Heights, Ohio, to a new state of the art facility in Valley View, Ohio where they are still located to this day.  At the Valley View, Ohio location, approximately 30-50,000 cans of various B’laster Products are produced daily!

In 2015, the “rebranding” of PB Blaster to “B’laster” occurred along with the addition of incorporating Teflon into some of the B’laster products.  A total of five products currently have Teflon associated with them to enhance performance, protect surfaces, and reduce friction and wear.

Blaster products can be found at many different National retail outlets, for example, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware and among many others and….. you guessed it, NAPA AUTO PARTS!!!

Please join us in welcoming aboard to the Fully Loaded Team… B’laster Products!  We are extremely happy to have them onboard and we look forward to what the next three years will bring for both us and B’laster Products! 

Stop by and check out B’laster Products web page at !

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