​In August 2016, B’laster Products, located in Valley View, Ohio, made contact with us and expressed interest in a potential sponsorship for the Fully Loaded Team in order to expand their marketing area. Many meeting dates were scheduled and rescheduled do to various scheduling conflicts. It wasn’t until October, 2016 that we and representatives from B’laster Products were able to sit down and discuss various avenues of potential sponsorship and ideas that would benefit not only B’laster, but our team and the sport of truck and tractor pulling as well.

After further discussions with B’laster, it was realized that they wanted not only to be an additional sponsor but to be the primary sponsor of the Fully Loaded tractor. It was not as easy of a decision, as one would think, to make. We were known as the “NAPA/Carlyle Tools Fully Loaded” tractor in both the motorsports and business worlds for several years and had spent countless efforts in building that “brand”, our team name, and developing a recognizable name association for our great sponsors by using all the media avenues available. It was that recognition of the value of our social media advertising possibilities, the broad national reach of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour’s venues and our sincere enthusiasm to promote our sport that appeared to interest B’laster. 

Negotiations continued and a three year contract was drafted and approved. The Fully Loaded Tractor would now become known as the “B’laster / NAPA Auto Parts Fully Loaded” tractor.

We are very excited and proud to promote B’laster Products and to have them on board with our team, and we are truly blessed to have Brechbuhler Scales, Inc., NAPA Auto Parts, Carlyle Tools, B-Tek Scales, LLC, and Clevite bearings again for the 2017 season as well! Each of these companies have excellent products and services and we strongly urge everyone to check them out for themselves! 

Also new changes in 2017, Brechbuhler Scales / B-Tek Scales has agreed to purchase the team a new Karlen Motorsports Chassis which will be debuted for the start of the 2017 summer season. NAPA Auto Parts will continue to supply the team with a majority of our usable commodities, Lucas Oil Engine oil and stabilizer, belts, spark plugs, ignition components, oil dry pads, maintenance parts for the motor coach, among other items. Carlyle Tools is also staying on board with the team and will supply us with the latest and greatest tools to keep our trailer and shop filled with the best quality tools on the market to make our wrenching easier. And last, but not the least, Clevite Bearings (Mahle Motorsports) is returning for the 2107 season and will be supplying the team with the unbeatable Cleveite Bearings. 

With all of their support, support of our friends on the PPL Curcuit, friends and family at home and our awesome team we were able to win the the 2016 PPL Champions Tour Unlimited Super Stock National Championship. A “Win Win” for everyone involved!

The new 2017 design for the Fully Loaded tractor was developed by the B’laster Products’ advertising agency. The actual application of the design ideas was placed onto the tractor as a vinyl wrap and was produced and applied by the great folks at “Pro-Art Signs, LLC” located in Canton, Ohio.

We can’t express enough our deepest gratitude and appreciation for every one of these sponsors. These sponsors are enabling us to pursue our goals and dreams in not only promoting them, our tractor and team, but to also support and promote this great sport we love… Truck and Tractor Pulling!

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