Test run at Sugar Creek Ohio was a success!

Fresh, out the box, the Fully Loaded Team had two successful runs at the NTPA Region II hook at the Harvest Barn Strawberry Pull Off in Sugar Creek, Ohio! The team rushed to put on the finishing touches and side panels in order to make it to the pull on Friday May 26.

 With a new chassis and exhaust manifold, from Karlen Motorsports, a new intake manifold from Riverside Engines, the team had a real challenge to figure out and set the fuel system in order to not be to lean and to figure out the proper weight placement and balance!

The first pass, the front barely raised up and bobbled up and down ever so slightly. The motor had an excessive amount fuel and didn’t run as crisp and clean as the team would like for optimum performance.

With some minor adjustments, the team head back to the starting line and made an excellent pass! We are ready for the season!! (Of course with some continuing tuning throughout the season).

Fans enjoyed seeing the Fully Loaded Team and everyone had a great time! 

Our next event is Benson NC at the Galot Motorsports Park NTPA Pull, June 2 and 3rd!

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