NTPA Grand National, Galot Motorsports Park, Benson, North Carolina

After a hectic spring with building a new chassis from Karlen Motorsports, obtaining a new intake manifold from Riverside Engines, Inc and making improvements to the exhaust plumbing and turbos, the team made it to the first NTPA Grand National pull in Benson, North Carolina! A beautiful facility, owned by Earl Wells of the Galot Motorsports Team Unlimited Super Stock Tractors piloted by Brent Payne and John Strickland, things couldn’t have been better! Excellent hospitality by Mr. Wells and his staff including a meal provided for pullers and their families.

The Fully Loaded headed to the track for the first NTPA event of the year not knowing exactly what to expect from the tractor with all the changes made over winter and early spring months. We made a test run or two at a local brush pull, but we really didn’t have anything to compare to as no other tractors in our class we’re at the event.

We ended up doing very well placing 4th place Friday night at the Mule City 300! We were extremely excited! We knew we still needed to do some adjusting on the fuel, water, and boost combination but we would use Saturday night for another trial!

After our run Friday night we returned to the trailer and made some adjustments to the fuel and water system on the Fully Loaded Tractor. Saturday pull time came and we ended up in 6th place. We quickly learned the direction we went in the changes we made were the wrong way. 

The team spent the night Saturday night and enjoyed the scenery and fellowship of other pullers and their families.

Next event… Greenville Ohio with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour Ohio State Benefit Pull!

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