Ohio State Summer Shootout – Results

Ohio State Summer Shootout Presented by BECKS
Ansonia, OH
July 25, 2020

Super Stock Tractors

  1. Jeff Hirt, Runnin Bare  336.100
  2. Cody McKinley, Super Rooster  324.970
  3. Jeff Hothem, Fully Loaded  308.585
  4. Barry Eliker, Buckeye Bandit  300.500
  5. Nick Battrell, Dirty Sally  269.660
  6. Dave Mandrik, Red Devil  267.725
  7. Todd Anderson, Color Me Gone  241.150
  8. Mark Metzger, Alcoholic Harvester  212.930
  9. David Everman, Overruled  200.480
  10. Jason Irvin, Drunkin Punkin  192.915
  11. Henry Everman, Final Decision  156.535
  12. Steve Burge, Lock-n-Load  139.050
  13. Ron Barga Sr., Dad’s Toy  63.81
  14. Henry Everman, Forced Decision HB
  15. Steve Smith, Eye of the Tiger  DQ
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