We picked up the win at the OSTPA pull in Bucyrus, OH!

Crawford Co. Fair Pull
Bucyrus, OH
July 24, 2020

Sales Super Stock Tractors

  1. Jeff Hothem, Fully Loaded  377.465
  2. David Everman, Overruled  352.125
  3. Henry Everman, Forced Decision  340.100
  4. Alex Metzger, Alcoholic Harvester  318.730
  5. Henry Everman, Final Decision  302.750
  6. Nick Battrell, Dirty Sally  272.840
  7. John Cespedes, Fools Gold  268.165
  8. Keigm Parobek, My Other Dear  255.935
  9. Todd Anderson, Color Me Gone  249.610
  10. Heather Irvin, Drunkin Punkin  230.940
  11. Ron Barga Sr., Dad’s Toy  47.180
  12. Frank Keener, Bambi  8.275
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